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About Us

Binadox provides on-premises and in the cloud, software and SaaS licensing compliance management solutions for IT, Procurement, SAM and legal departments.

For the web and cloud, Binadox provides “SaaS / Web Usage Monitor” which discovers, manages and optimizes SaaS subscriptions and web application. The solution helps IT and procurement to drive IT costs down, discover “shadow IT” and improve users’ SaaS apps adoption.

For on-premises software management, Binadox solutions include “Software Licenses (Agreements) Repository” which provides license agreements (i.e. EULA) for deployed software. Featuring Natural Language Processing (NLP – AI based machine learning) analysis of the text to extract use rights, entitlements and other legal clauses which makes license analysis faster and straightforward.

Our mission is to help organisations and enterprises manage SaaS and web application and drive IT costs down.

Binadox Inc. is a private corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington.



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