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Microsoft Azure Configuration

This guide demonstrates how to integrate Microsoft Azure to the Binadox multi-cloud cost management and optimization platform to plan, analyze and reduce infrastructure costs.

1. Add a New User to Azure AD
2. Assign an Azure AD Role to a New User
3. Create New Connection for Microsoft Azure in Binadox

1. Add a New User to Azure AD

For safety reasons, you may create a new user and assign him a restricted role with limited access to your Microsoft Azure account.
1. In the navigation pane on the left, click Azure Active Directory (if it is not in the Favorites category, click All services > Identity > Azure Active Directory) and go to the Users section.


2. From the All Users tab, click the New user button at the top.


3. Fill in the required fields. Hover the mouse pointer over the tooltip icon for advice if necessary. Clicking Directory role brings up the Directory role view. Select User.


4. Copy a user name and a password. Click Create.


Log in to the Azure portal as a new user and create a new password to activate an account.


2. Assign an Azure AD Role to a New User

1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal as a global administrator.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click All services>General>Subscriptions.


3. From the Subscriptions view, select the required subscription.


4. To assign a role to the new user, go to the Access Control (IAM) section in the navigation pane.


5. Click the Role assignments tab on the top.


6. Click the Add button and select Add role assignment in the drop-down list.


7. From the Add role assignment view that opens on the right, select the Reader role in the Role drop-down list. In the Assign access to field, select the type of security principle to assign the role to. Select the newly created user in the list of users.


8. Clicking on the name of a required user transfers him to the Selected members list. Click Save.


9. Follow the same steps to add the new user to other subscriptions if necessary. The new user with the Reader role appears in the Reader list.


3. Create New Connection for Microsoft Azure in Binadox

1. Log into your Binadox account.
2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Integrations > IaaS. Click on the Azure icon.


3. In the Microsoft Azure view, type in the name of an instance in the Connection Instance Name field. Click Continue.


4. Enter the login and password to the new user’s account. Click Connect.


5. Microsoft Azure connection with Binadox is established.


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