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Azure Cost Optimization

Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of cloud-based services that help your organization address your business challenges. These cloud services include tools and frameworks that are used for building, implementing, and managing intelligent applications. It’s important that Microsoft Azure services are correctly optimized to minimize your operational risks and prevent overspending.

Azure Cost Optimization provided by Binadox helps businesses plan, analyze, and reduce Microsoft Azure spending to maximize your investments.


Expenditure Lines

Binadox Azure Cost Optimization Solution supplies valuable insights by inspecting your Azure environment and analyzing spend of every single Azure application. Understand when and how your organization exceeds the budget limits and identify your opportunities for savings through a single chart. Compare your current budgeting with the previous quarter, month, week, or even day for continuous improvement.


Total Operating Expense

Dynamically monitor your Microsoft Azure budget to easily optimize your costs. With the Azure Cost Optimization solution, you can assign your Azure budget at your convenience. Find Azure applications that use most of this budget to accelerate your value.


Azure Details

Microsoft Azure granular structure is complex. Gain accurate visibility into your all Azure deployments via Binadox Azure Cost Optimization. This visibility empowers enterprises to monitor Azure spend and optimize your future investments with confidence.


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