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Binadox License Analyzer


Binadox provides an automated license analyzer tool that enables you to swiftly and easily gather insights into your company’s contracts. This tool offers advanced license automation, ensuring that complicated license metrics are correctly calculated. Binadox License Analyzer provides a comprehensive suite of features that helps organizations facilitate complex business processes such as contract negotiations and streamline license reviews. Such automation of processes result in productivity boost, reduced spend, and improved security.


Supported Input Formats

Binadox License Analyzer supports a variety of input formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and text files:

  • The maximum size of a file you can submit to the License Analyzer is 50 MB.

  • License Analyzer supports programmatic PDF files. Secure PDFs, which require a password to open, and restrictive PDF files, that require a password to edit, are not supported.

  • Microsoft Word includes the following file formats: DOC and DOCX.

  • Text (TXT) format supports plain (ASCII) text files


Supported Document Types

Binadox License Analyzer supports the following document types:

  • End User License Agreement – EULA.

  • Terms of Services – ToS.

  • Software License Agreement – SLA.


Import and Analysis Automation

Binadox License Analyzer makes it easy to automatically upload contract data. What’s more, the License Analyzer tool requires just a few seconds what would take consultants or other license management solutions weeks or even months. The tool analyzes and parses key topics, licensee and licensor clauses, legal definitions, with no need to work in external spreadsheet files.


Table of Contents

Use Binadox License Analyzer to create a table of contents. Make complex licenses simple to access and easy to search.


Legal Definition Highlights

Binadox License Analyzer identifies and highlights important legal definitions throughout a license. Access these definitions in your contract with just one click.


Paragraph Classification by Legal Topics

Binadox provides a paragraph classification by critical legal topics to identify and understand the exact terms of a license agreement. These legal topics also help to navigate the related text in your contract.


Licensee and Licensor Clauses

Binadox License Analyzer allows businesses to visualize the rights and obligations as a contract licensee or licensor. Through the smart and simple interface, you can view what each side can, cannot, and must do.


Machine Learning and NLP algorithms

The License Analyzer tool is designed to automatically solve any challenges related to your software licensing as accurate and fast as possible. Binadox License Analyzer is based on machine learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP) algorithms.


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