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5 Best Practices to Drive Cloud Flexibility in Your Organization

Stanislaw Lee

At least one of your cloud applications you’re about to implement company-wide is most likely going to be replaced in a year.

Due to acquisition of better apps with same functions, funding woes, or well-publicized security breaches, most of your cloud software wouldn’t stand the test of time. Others may serve your organization for a while but then your employees will require a different set of features. In other cases, employees stop using a cloud application and companies often pay for abandoned subscriptions.

Within a couple of years, roughly a half of your applications might be completely different. While it’s easy to interpret this fact as a drawback and look for a solution to prevent acquisition of new applications, trying to manually control your tech stack would definitely reduce productivity across your organization.

Nowadays, companies need to focus on optimizing your cloud app stack for flexibility and process. This cloud flexibility will empower your administrators to experiment and give your organization leverage to adopt the best tools at any given point in time. The following outlines the best practices to drive cloud flexibility within your organization.


Eliminate Redundancy in Advance

No one wants to invest in applications that is likely to become useless or obsolete. Most IT specialists spend a lot of time on trying to find out whether a new software is built for longevity in the company. However, they need more granular information than just app statistics or spreadsheet reporting for their researches. Furthermore, there are good chances that at least one cloud subscription will be forgotten by employees or undetected by administrators.

The good news is that the right tool can enhance your app visibility as well as greatly facilitate other key analyses: security features, compliance compatibility, individual app usage, and more. By using a comprehensive cloud management platform like Binadox organizations can identify unused and underused licenses and eliminate redundancy once and for all.


Ensure Security and Compliance

Another step towards flexibility across organizations to look for cloud applications that meet or even exceed compliance standards like GDPR and SOC2. Vendors who care about regulation compliance are more likely to be thinking long-term and takes security measures more seriously. Unfortunately, it would take days or even weeks for a team of experts to analyse a single cloud license.

That’s the reason why Binadox has developed a license analyser tool. This tool helps organizations to easily and quickly ensure compliance of your cloud licenses. With just a couple of clicks, the license analyzer tool highlights important legal clauses and ensures that complicated license metrics are correctly calculated.


Look for Integrations

Find applications that can integrate with the ones your organization already uses. This will greatly boost productivity of your cloud app stack. Connected cloud applications also allows your employees to get the most value of every subscription and utilize all their features. App integrations make it possible to import data and allows companies to easily replace applications when it’s necessary.


Streamline IT Management Operations

It’s also highly important to prepare for app turnover and streamline your IT management processes such as app onboarding, implementation, and offboarding to make them as efficient as possible. Thus, you’ll be ready when your cloud app stack changes and skip the headache to deal with all these changes at once.


Deploy a Cloud Management Platform

To streamline your IT management processes and drive flexibility across your company, try to use a cloud management platform like Binadox. This platform dramatically speeds up and greatly improves deploying and removal of cloud applications, since it removes the necessity to wait for approval before using or implementing a new application. This way, Binadox helps businesses to keep the right balance between agility and control.

Binadox provides accurate visibility into a cloud app stack. This platform can also help you to discover which employee is using what application and identify unused, underused, or duplicate licenses. Therefore, you can optimize your tech stack for flexibility, take security actions in real time, and reduce unnecessary expenses with just a couple of clicks.

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