Artificial Lawyer Review on Binadox

Ekaterina Mizrobova

Artificial Lawyer, a site dedicated to AI and legal automation news and views, recently published its review on the Binadox solution and an interview with Michael Kholodenko, Binadox co-founder.

In this interview, Michael answers questions and shares insights about Binadox Inc. itself; the importance of understanding license agreements’ terms and of the license compliance problem; the Binadox solution functionality; and future plans.

In its review, Artificial Lawyer talks about the solution benefits and shares its first reaction to the problem Binadox aspires to help solving – threats of clickwrap license agreements (EULA & ToS), which was: “It’s just a little tick box. Surely it doesn’t matter that much.” Read the whole post, to learn what changed Artificial Lawyer’s mind.

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