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Binadox Automates SaaS and Cloud Infrastructure Spend Optimization


SEATTLE, Aug. 15, 2019 – Binadox, the multi-cloud SaaS and IaaS spend management and optimization company, announces the general availability of a platform that highlights milestones in optimization process automation and fine-grained feature level usage analysis with the most awaited capabilities.

Binadox Advice

Binadox offers a significant advance in Cloud Spend Optimization automation by introducing the spend optimization Advice and enhancing automatic Discovery process. The Binadox Advice engine delivers automatic smart recommendations on potential savings that the system proactively calculates for its users with the aim of reducing Cloud costs and improve utilization of Cloud services. The goal is to simplify the ITAM professionals’ work and provide them with a decision support system to make spend optimization decisions more efficient. Binadox offers measures to achieve potential cost savings and ITAM professionals have a choice to accept or reject these prescriptions. For instance, Binadox Advice may recommend to eliminate unassigned or underutilized licenses, downgrade a license to the less expensive one, or downgrade an underutilized virtual machine in AWS or Azure. Also, to automate the discovery process, Binadox enhanced its integrations with the leading vendors in SSOs, financial systems and 3rd party logins. Upon the system activation, Binadox connects with the discovery sources and provides its users with the comprehensive information within SaaS and IaaS systems used by the organization.

Binadox Feature Level Usage Analysis and Spend Optimization

Binadox goes beyond the usual analysis of overall application usage and dives deeper into the individual feature level analysis in the major applications such as Office 365 and G Suite. Binadox monitors usage intensity of a single application feature by an entire organization or by a certain user and provides IT professionals with fine-grained optimization Advice, such as downgrading the E5 to E3 Office 365 license based on analysis of features used by the E5 user. Such a recommendation will be a result of automatic system analysis that identifies that the exclusive features of E5 license are not being used while being paid for.
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Extended Multi-Cloud Support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Platforms

Binadox allows to navigate through infrastructure levels and analyze Compute, Storage, Network and additional Cloud components. Our goal is to continue to innovate and bring new Cloud spend optimization capabilities that optimize the ITAM professionals’ work to the market. As migration to the Cloud (both SaaS and IaaS) is in its full swing now, we believe that the Binadox Cloud Spend optimization platform will drive the next step of Cloud adoption.
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About Binadox
Binadox is a multi-cloud SaaS and IaaS cost optimization and usage monitoring platform. Binadox helps cloud IaaS and SaaS customers get better ROI from their spending in a large variety of applications and platforms such as Office 365, Salesforce, AWS, Azure and many others. Binadox provides granular utilization analysis and automatic cost optimization recommendations for major SaaS and IaaS services, detects Shadow IT, prevents the bill shock, all above in a single and unified management dashboard.