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Business IT Security in the SaaS Era

Stanislaw Lee

SaaS adoption is exploding across organizations. It’s no surprise that your employees use multiple SaaS vendors like G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, Salesforce, Slack, and many others. However, current IT administration tools can’t help handle SaaS proliferation within enterprises.

Managing multiple SaaS applications by using outdated solutions maximizes security risks and challenges for IT departments or organizations. Here are a few major reasons why:

  • Shadow IT – uncontrolled adoption of new technology increases the prevalence of unsanctioned and potentially harmful apps (a.k.a. shadow IT or shadow SaaS).
  • Data access – it’s important to understand what apps have access to sensitive corporate data.
  • Offboarding processes – your former employees may still use SaaS applications and create additional vulnerabilities to data leaks.
  • Overspending – due to lack of proper financial control, redundant or duplicate applications add up quickly and cause budget overspending.

Now that you’re motivated enough to find and remove unwanted and suspicion SaaS licenses, you might find the following extremely important. Here are the best practices and initial recommendations to help make businesses more secure:


Improving Passwords

Email and password authentication is omnipresent, but still vulnerable to many security issues. For most organizations, email is the most public way to connect as well as the most vulnerable entrance to sensitive corporate data.

Passwords are also often weak, guessable, and re-used by many users in your organization. Thus, the first step is to enforce strong, non-reused, and changing passwords. For your company, you can implement some basic password policy to help reduce risk. Passwords should be at least 10 characters, and more is better.


Cloud Authentication Systems

Remembering long and complex passwords is obviously very difficult. To help solve this issue, you can use a cloud-based authentication management system like Okta. These systems allow organizations to secure your logins and passwords and provide single sign-on solution.

Keep in mind, however, cloud authentication management systems is a good start, but not enough. Even if your organization is ready to implement these systems, you will find that there are still applications that don’t allow for easy access to the functionality you want.


Public Network Security Measures

Using the web with public Wi-Fi can leave your sensitive information drastically exposed. With just a couple of clicks on easily available software, almost anyone can snoop nearly all unsecured traffic on computers within a public network.

Organizations can eliminate this exposure by deploying VPN or using proxy servers. This solution encrypts all your web traffic every time you use a public network. Computers that use public network and contain any sensitive information should also include anti-virus and anti-malware software, and especially on Windows machines.


Onboarding and Offboarding

To drive agility and productivity, many organizations want to make onboarding and offboarding processes fast and simple as possible. In this desire for haste and ease of use, often use shared ad hoc and shared passwords that are often easy to guess. In many cases, organizations also ignore a proper offboarding, leaving former employees with access to critical information and services. One way to deal with onboarding and offboarding is to create a highly complex checklist. Nevertheless, making such checklist manually leaves onboarding and offboarding vulnerable to errors and frauds. Forward-thinking organizations need to automate onboarding, offboarding, and other security processes by using a comprehensive SaaS management platform.


The Best Way to Secure Business in the SaaS Era

SaaS has provided several opportunities for innovation in the modern workplace, but has brought with it some security concerns. Organizations that want to address SaaS monitoring, management, and security via one powerful system should consider using Binadox.

Binadox SaaS management platform was designed specifically to help organizations minimize SaaS security risks and challenges. Through a single dashboard, your organization can stop all negative effects of shadow IT and control application access. Binadox provide full visibility into your SaaS environment, so you can understand who uses what, prevent overspending and optimize cost.

Download Binadox to learn about SaaS usage trends, understand the importance of SaaS management tools and discover how to take control of your SaaS applications.