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Click-Through Agreement Risk Management Solution:
Feedback from SAM Professionals

Binadox Inc

In this post we summarize the discussion in the ITAM review forum and address the issues raised by SAM professionals.

In evaluating the effectiveness and usability of Binadox as a solution to manage click-through EULAs and ToS risks, some questions were raised around its applicability, particularly within the confines of a locked down environment.

SAM professionals also raised some concerns surrounding the practicality of using yet another end point monitor that will not only require installation, but management as well.

Binadox can nevertheless be a valuable asset for managing Terms of Service (ToS) associated with SaaS subscriptions even in the context of a locked down environment. Consider the case when an employee can still subscribe to any SaaS-based application from any host, so long as that host has an active internet connection. Even if that device is locked for installation, employees still enjoy broad freedoms most administrators overlook.

Binadox can monitor organizational machines and work to capture the license agreements associated with the usage of a given SaaS program.

Even if Binadox wasn’t in use at the time of initial subscription to capture the registration event, it can still be useful. Binadox can automatically search its license database to recover the license in question. Or, if needed, the license can be uploaded manually to Binadox. In any of these scenarios, Binadox will indicate the usage of a given SaaS program to the owner company’s IT, SAM, or legal department.

Regarding the pros and cons of having yet another end point monitor installed on an employee device, there is simply no better way to deliver required functionality than through a new end point monitor. More importantly, the value of a solution like Binadox greatly outweighs the encumbrance of having another end point monitor on-board. Binadox is working on better integration with other inventory solutions in the future, but for now, is comfortable being considered an additional end point monitor for installation and management.

Circling back to the earlier discussion surrounding the applicability of Binadox within locked down environments, it’s absolutely critical to note many environments cannot and should not be locked down.

For instance, in the realm of software engineering and development, employees need the freedom to install and demo different software solutions on-demand. If workers needed to log a request every time they wanted to try a new piece of software, it would compromise the dynamic nature of their work. It is much more practical for these lockdown averse businesses to monitor installations and usage using a solution like Binadox than to flat-out block everything.

Using a web viewer that translates and then unifies the language into a readable format, Binadox enables monitoring teams to view and examine license agreements with ease. It divides text into paragraphs, highlights common licensing topics, provides an index of legal definitions, and allows different levels of text summarization for easy comprehension.

All that is a lengthy way of saying – Binadox should be an indispensable resource for businesses incapable of completely restricting what their users do while on company machines.

To learn more about Binadox, or to better understand its workflow as an end point monitor, please refer to another post which contains a short, three-minute demonstration video.

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