Everything You Need to Know About SaaS Optimization


Software as a Service remains the largest segment of cloud marketing. According to Gartner, SaaS revenue is expected to grow 17.8 percent to reach $85.1 billion in 2019. This means SaaS adoption will be increased in every company which is good for the productivity and flexibility of your business.

The benefits of SaaS are countless, it makes it easy for anyone to purchase and deploy new technology. However, this is the exact reason why SaaS may instantly cause chaos in your organization. Especially when it comes to SaaS spending, security, and compliance.

Without SaaS optimization, it’s very easy to lose track of adopted technology and if your employees are using every subscription. Moreover, optimizing SaaS applications helps not just your IT team but also facilitates work for procurement, security, and finance departments.


Benefits of SaaS Optimization

The ultimate goal of SaaS optimization is to create a centralized system that provides visibility of every used license, facilitates subscription management, and has a solid list of benefits and advantages.

Here are the most significant of them:

• SaaS optimization improves productivity. By discovering the most required apps in your company, you can increase their performance by obtaining better licenses. Therefore, you will also improve the productivity of your employees.

• Improves reporting and setting priorities to SaaS apps. A comprehensive SaaS optimization solution should provide easy-to-read SaaS reports, their spending, and app usage data. Thus, these reports help prioritize adopted apps in your company.

• Greatly reduces security risks. Through improved reporting, you will instantly get full visibility of all used SaaS applications. This way, you will receive notifications when an employee is using forbidden or unwanted apps.

• Cuts cost and optimizes license renewals. A robust SaaS optimization tool should also provide cost optimization data and shows how much you can save by removing or obtaining a different license of an application that is not used or underused.

Perhaps you already noticed that to successfully optimize SaaS applications in your company, you need to implement a comprehensive SaaS management and optimization solution. Luckily, you can find all advantages of SaaS optimization and much more benefits by using the Binadox SaaS management platform. 

Binadox SaaS Optimization Solution


Binadox SaaS management platform was designed to help IT teams and businesses that don’t necessarily have an IT department automate SaaS management, including SaaS optimization. For organizations that are moving towards SaaS or already adopted it – Binadox is a platform of choice, here are few reasons why:

• Improve app visibility. With Binadox, you can discover not only which apps are in use, but also who’s using them and how often. By using detailed insights, you can make much more precise management decisions around which apps are vital in your company and which apps aren’t used by anyone.

• Ensure license compliance. This platform helps achieve license compliance by providing and highlighting important regulation clauses in SaaS licenses. With Binadox, you can also easily check if your SaaS vendor is GDPR-compliant.

• Track and Manage Vendors. Binadox facilitates the monitoring and management of all SaaS vendors in your organization. Binadox alerts if a vendor decided to change a subscription cost and provides actual usage data which can help you get an upper hand in price negotiations.

• Enhanced security solutions. This platform ensures that you’re able to get full SaaS visibility and notifications when a user is accessing an unsanctioned app. Beyond that, Binadox offers additional layers of security by providing proxy and Single Sign-On solutions.

• Utility for the entire organization. Binadox can be used by your security, procurement, and finance departments, not just IT teams. By using one powerful and easy-to-use dashboard your entire organization can rely on Binadox when it comes to SaaS management and optimization.


Binadox enables the enterprise to move faster and more efficiently.