GDPR and SaaS: Are Your SaaS Vendor GDPR-Compliant

GDPR and SaaS: Are Your SaaS Vendors GDPR-Compliant?

Stanislaw Lee

Perhaps you already heard about GDPR and that it’s expected to be the most impactful personal privacy regulation for organizations of all sizes. However, GDPR is different from other vendor compliance requirements and regulations. The following will explain what GDPR means for SaaS and how ensure GDPR-compliance of your SaaS vendors.


What GDPR Means to SaaS

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact all organizations big and small around the globe that process any personal data across the EU. But what does this mean to for businesses and companies that supply and purchase Software as a Service?

When it comes to the new regulations of the GDPR, both SaaS vendors and customers have their own responsibilities to uphold. However, SaaS buyers are responsible for their own compliance and the compliance of any entity they do business with. Audits will need to be conducted on how all personal data is processed, historically and in the future, to ensure this compliance.

Therefore, before entering into a contract with a SaaS vendor, you should consider if this vendor meets the standards set out by the GDPR. Here’s how you can ensure GDPR-compliance of your SaaS vendors.


Check Terms and Conditions

Most SaaS vendors provide services on the basis of their terms and conditions. Outdated terms and conditions do not meet the strict requirements set out by the GDPR and unfortunately they are often non-negotiable.

Obviously, checking the terms and conditions of your every single SaaS vendor might be very time-consuming and counter-productive. That’s why it’s recommended to use a special tool that improves visibility of all your SaaS vendors.


Improve Vendor Visibility

To improve your vendor visibility you need a centralized system that will provide easy-to-read SaaS vendor reports, allows receiving vendor contracts and highlights their important license clauses.

Organizations today tend to have more SaaS vendors than they know about. Binadox helps discover usage of every single SaaS applications within your organization. With this platform, users have found thousands of SaaS subscriptions, when they though they’re using hundreds.

Binadox enables companies to instantly view a list of their exact vendors and easily find if the SaaS vendor can’t provide any details on GDPR compliance processes, or hasn’t started working on it yet. Keep in mind that under GDPR, your organization can be penalized for the non-compliance of your business partners as well.

With Binadox, you will instantly get visibility and control over your SaaS subscriptions and that is the exact thing you need for ensuring GDPR compliance. Evaluate your GDPR risk and engage in the most comprehensive SaaS management platform by signing up your Binadox account.