How's SaaS Management Beneficial for Your Company

How Is SaaS Management Beneficial for Your Company?

Stanislaw Lee

We are living in the SaaS era and it’s not a surprise that there are dozens or even hundreds of SaaS application which used by employees in your organization. While adoption of SaaS applications is increasingly growing within companies, IT teams might not be aware of them. That is the reason why companies want to know how to control and manage SaaS subscriptions.

Binadox is a platform that is designed to help organization rein in SaaS, and most likely, it’s all that you need. Aside from SaaS management, Binadox provides many other features that is necessary for reaching IT compliance and data security, like Software Assets Management (SAM) for SaaS, subscription cost optimization, Single Sign-On, and much more. Here are few major reasons why Binadox SaaS Management highly beneficial for your company:


App and Domain Discovery

• Find all applications that are used in your organization

• Learn what applications are underused or unused

• Discover all users of all SaaS applications

• Track down and monitor usage and activity

• Centralize user data and usage information on one powerful dashboard


Security and IT Compliance

• Discover unsanctioned and unknown applications

• Find apps that have access to sensitive information

• Learn what applications contain personal data

• Deploy a Single Sign-On solution

• Prevent any information leaks and breaches

• Make sure that right users access right applications

• Initialize Proxy for complete data security


Control SaaS Cost

• Receive costs data of each application

• View application spend of each user, team, or department

• Find most used and most underused apps in your company

• Receive cost savings and optimization data

• Downgrade or scale underused licenses

• Remove unused subscriptions

• Prevent unwanted subscription renewals

• Negotiate better license renewals with actual app usage


License Consent and Regulations

• Access all subscription licenses from a single dashboard

• Receive highlighted important legal clauses of each license

• Find licensee and licensor violations in these licenses

• Ensure license compliance status with EU and US regulations, GDRP, Privacy Shield, etc.


Manage SaaS Vendors

• Access all SaaS vendor data from one powerful dashboard

• Detect and manage multitenant applications

• Verify compliance statement of your vendors

• Keep necessary documents at the relevant SaaS vendor


Interested in seeing some of these benefits for yourself? Feel free to join Binadox and contact us right away. Get started by signing up your Binadox account.