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How SaaS Changes Software Optimization?  

Stanislaw Lee

SaaS adoption continues to grow across organizations. According to Gartner, SaaS applications will account for 45% of total application software spending by 2021. Knowing that your employees are using hundreds or even thousands of SaaS applications, it’s a category of software that can’t be ignored and will continue to present challenges.

SaaS continues to change the way how a user purchases and deploys new technology. Hence, organizations should understand how SaaS changes management and optimization.


How SaaS changes technology?

Forward-thinking and transformative enterprises are leading the charge in moving to the Cloud or creating cloud-first environments to deliver enhanced user experience. SaaS is beneficial for your organization in many ways. For instance, SaaS doesn’t require specific IT skills to purchase and start using a new application. Thus, SaaS boosts increases workflow agility and boost productivity across companies.

However, it’s very simple to lose a track of SaaS applications; and here are few major reasons why:


  • SaaS adoption isn’t just growing fast – it’s exploding!

SaaS replaces almost every function. On average, an employee uses more than 30 applications. Obviously, this brings a serious challenge to govern and inventory every single SaaS license.


  • SaaS makes it too easy to purchase software.

Anyone in your organization can purchase a SaaS application. In most cases, employees are using corporate and personal accounts to get their job faster. This quickly leads to budget waste and increases security risks.  Without a SaaS management system organizations simply can’t keep track of new software.


  • IT teams can’t control software adoption.  

Today, employees don’t hesitate to find a new software solution if an old one don’t suit their needs anymore. They also usually don’t check up with IT before deploying a new software solution.  As the result, organizations are completely unaware what SaaS license is actually in use and what subscription remains unused. Companies also become much more vulnerable if a certain application can access sensitive corporate data.


  • Procurement isn’t involved in software purchases.

For the sake of efficiency and simplicity, employees don’t consult with procurement department either. Without an accurate software and renewals visibility, however, procurement teams can’t proactively negotiate contracts and identify overlapping subscriptions.

Most organizations that meet these problems are desperately trying to manage and optimize SaaS software manually by using spreadsheets. However, it may require weeks and most often months before filling out a spreadsheet table. Managing and optimizing SaaS tech stack manually can be harmful for your organization. Any reports and acquired data become old quickly. Furthermore, manual reporting is prone to errors and frauds.

So how could organizations protect themselves from unsanctioned applications and waste? Luckily, Binadox provides a comprehensive SaaS optimization solution.


Binadox Changes the Way Software is Managed and Optimized

Binadox customers are some of the most innovative organizations that are moving to cloud and want to protect their sensitive data, optimize software, and drive most profitable businesses through a single dashboard.

These customers gain real-time visibility into every single software license in use across enterprises. Binadox brings hidden or redundant software subscriptions into the spotlight and eliminates the need to manually fill out endless reports. IT and procurement teams can work collaboratively with the business on driving value from all software in use, while using existing governance structures.

Ultimately, Binadox equips enterprises with the ability to move faster and more efficiently. It helps organizations to optimize licenses and their costs. At the same time, Binadox allows securing sensitive information and ensure IT and regulation compliance with just a few clicks.

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