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How Shadow IT Discovery Strengthens IT Management

Stanislaw Lee

It’s not a secret that employees in organizations nowadays tend to use hundreds or even thousands of cloud applications. With this growing use of cloud technology, CIOs and IT specialists often underestimate the amount of subscriptions and licenses across the organization. Thus, uncontrolled prevalence of unsanctioned technology often leads security breaches and cause budget overspend. This is the reason why organizations should focus on tightening up the security.


Cloud Adoption Enlarges Shadow IT

Many CIOs and IT leaders greatly underestimate the quantity of unsanctioned or hidden cloud applications across their organizations. With the increased adoption of cloud technology, employees also grow their reliance on these unsanctioned applications – also known as shadow IT. A study from Cisco determined that the typical firm has on the order of 15 to 22 times more cloud applications running in the workplace than have been authorized by the IT department.

The rise of cloud puts IT departments into a challenging position. For the sake of efficiency, business units adopt new technology without notifying these departments. Hence, IT leaders become lack of accurate cloud visibility and centralized management system. This quickly leads to chaos across organizations, when it comes to data privacy, security and spend management.


Shadow IT Increases from Uncontrolled cloud Purchases

The growth in overall cloud spending cause the prevalence of shadow IT and budget overspend. According to IDC researches, roughly a half of technology spend comes from company’s software budget. Most importantly, the other half comes from buyers outside of IT department.

The freedom of cloud purchases may help employees complete work-related challenges faster. On the other hand, this freedom sustainably limits app visibility and can easily lead to data leaks.

Other than restricting access to cloud applications completely, ending shadow IT isn’t likely. However, a robust cloud management platform enables organizations to discover all cloud licenses that are currently being used by organizations.


How Helpful is Shadow IT Discovery?

The continuous discovery of cloud services helps businesses understand what applications employees are using and reveal their critical cloud applications. Therefore, companies could invest more in significant licenses to increase efficiency and productivity of their employees.  At the same time, they could find and get rid of redundant or duplicate licenses.

From a security perspective, ongoing cloud discovery reveals potentially harmful applications. Cloud services that violate company’s policies can be easily removed or decommissioned.

Nevertheless, the problem is that the most organizations are using the advanced power of cloud technologies with traditional management tools.


How to Properly Initialize Shadow IT Discovery?

In many cases, organizations are trying to control and optimize cloud apps by using spreadsheets.  This spreadsheet-driven process, however, is prone to errors and frauds and requires weeks or even months of hard manual work. Beyond that, spreadsheets won’t help you to discover any hidden subscriptions.

Binadox facilitates cloud management and optimization by discovering every single cloud application purchased and deployed within your organization.  Armed with the most accurate visibility, organizations can discover unsanctioned licenses and minimize security risks.

Binadox Cloud Management platform also provides enterprises with cloud usage and spend data. Tying up usage with spend information allows organizations to add value to cloud licenses. Binadox also shows cost optimization data and shows how much you can save by removing duplicate or redundant subscription.

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