How to Control Company SaaS Spend

How to Control Company SaaS Spend

Stanislaw Lee

Most organization thinks that they’re in control of managing their SaaS spend. However, many of them – big enterprises and solo entrepreneurs alike are struggling to develop a strong sense of financial security, often cutting their budgets or creating false budget reports  in attempts. Your team might be doing that as well. Thus, you already know that these tactics might help only for a while and can’t be used as long-term solution.

Cloud and SaaS adoption is still largely obscured from IT and finance departments. Companies are simply not aware of their hidden SaaS spend. Therefore, to control company SaaS spend, it’s necessary to discover all your SaaS licenses.

The following discloses how to remove hidden subscriptions and how to manage your SaaS spend more effectively and more efficiently.


Find Your Hidden SaaS Subscriptions

The first step to remove your hidden SaaS subscriptions is to find out how your SaaS subscriptions are hidden from your IT and finance teams. Here are few common reasons why some of your SaaS subscriptions stay in shadow:

• Your employee signed up for a free trial and didn’t mention it

• A bunch of subscriptions remains obscured if their user doesn’t work in the company anymore.

• An employee purchased a better license or a better app and didn’t remove old one

• Several employees or teams purchased multiple licenses of the same SaaS app

A hidden SaaS subscription possesses not just a financial thread for your organization, it also can lead to audit exposures and sensitive data leaks. Therefore, discovering hidden SaaS subscriptions is increasingly important and the solution must be implemented as sooner as possible.

Luckily, Binadox provides a platform that allows companies to instantly find hidden, used, underused or unused SaaS subscriptions, their usage data and who used them via one easy-to-use and powerful dashboard.


Control & Optimize SaaS Spend

After discovering hidden subscriptions, a company can control and optimize expenses of your SaaS applications. Obviously, you can do this manually by using traditional methods like spreadsheets. However, due to high error rate, time consumption and other crucial reasons, manual SaaS spend management and optimization will not do much. Beyond that, it could still leave your SaaS spend uncontrolled and not optimized.

Binadox also allows companies to control their SaaS expenses. Binadox provides cost optimization data and shows exactly how much you can save by removing your unused licenses and obtaining cheaper licenses of unused apps.

When it comes to controlling your SaaS spend and managing your subscriptions, you can rely on a single comprehensive platform. By signing up your Binadox account, you’ll get access to amazing tools, features, and benefits that help you regain control over your company spend, reduce time it takes to optimize it, and greatly facilitate your SaaS management.