Discipline Your SaaS Apps

How to Discipline Your SaaS Apps and Prevent Shadow IT Sprawl

Stanislaw Lee

More companies are moving their data out of their data centers and into the cloud, which complicates IT’s efforts to keep track of applications in use. Today, most organizations rely on their cloud applications, whether they are approved by IT department or not. Employees are signing up for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications without consulting IT and security teams. As a result, shadow IT is spreading widely across companies of all sizes.

Shadow IT – the adoption of IT, such as SaaS, without the approval of the IT organization – could be drastically harmful for your organization and lead to various sensitive information leaks. With Binadox SaaS management platform, IT department can get deep visibility of SaaS applications, apply strong security of sensitive data, and completely control over privacy and software compliance. Here’s how Binadox supports security and IT teams:


Binadox Proxy Solution

Binadox provides a robust proxy solution that enables IT to manage SaaS application and secure sensitive data across enterprises. This solution also provides web scraping of entire company as well as SaaS usage information of a single user.

The greatest advantage of this solution is that it takes security action in real time. Binadox will block any attempts to violate company policies by sharing confidential information outside the company and it will provide data of prohibited or unrecognized applications.

Another advantage of Binadox is that it lets you to receive all necessary application information no matter if they are integrated to Binadox or not. You will receive application usage information of your employees, applications domain name, their description, total usage time of each application, its average usage time per day, and much more. Therefore, IT and security departments can rely on Binadox and its Proxy Solution when it comes to app discovery and reducing the prevalence of shadow IT.


G Suite Solution

To achieve IT compliance and prevent any threats of shadow IT, Binadox users can also connect all necessary cloud applications on G Suite and integrate G Suite to Binadox platform.

G suite is a cloud technology that provides access to a number of powerful Google cloud applications as well as advanced and secure infrastructure. Management tools such as advanced audit reporting, customized sharing control, built-in archiving and e-discovery develop additional layers of security in your organization.

Binadox provides centralized view of G Suite application usage where you can find G suite usage of every single employee. Therefore, organizations control and manage every G Suite subscription, achieve IT compliance, and prevent shadow IT with one simple integration.


Discover, Manage, and Secure

SaaS adoption is increasingly growing nowadays as well as adoption of unsanctioned apps, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be discovered, controlled, or secured.

Instead of trying to restrict access to applications entirely, IT and security teams should consider using a comprehensive tool that provides control, discovery, management, and security across enterprises.

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