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How to Get Ready for the New Year in the SaaS-Majority Environment

Ekaterina Mizrobova


Major SaaS Challenges

With SaaS it’s become difficult to plan future IT procurement and therefore IT budgets. At this time of the year companies are to finalize their 2018 budgets. Usually to make a budget, companies analyze historical data and future growth plans. However, with companies increasingly moving to the cloud, historical data become less reliable.

SaaS usage lacks visibility not only due to shadow IT, but also because today SaaS application procurement is decentralized. It is not the IT department that signs volume contracts for all cloud-based apps, decisions on SaaS purchases are made on the business unit level or even by individual employees themselves. So the IT team do not possess actual data on what is already in use and paid for, do not know real employee requirements, and therefore cannot make sustainable forecasts for the future.

How to Avoid Expenses in This Year?

To avoid unforeseen and unplanned expenses in the new year, companies are recommended to implement a SaaS Usage Monitoring tool, such as Binadox SaaS Web Usage Monitoring. Binadox provides you with the information on all SaaS applications subscribed to and used. Therefore you’ll have a single inventory of cloud-based subscriptions and will be able to get reliable historical data. Additionally, you’ll get a capability to gain valuable insights about SaaS usage, that is you’ll get aware what your employees actually actively use and whether they use all the purchased features.These insights will get you aware of your employee real requirements and will enable you to better plan future software purchases. Besides, you’ll be able to analyze spend on SaaS by employee and therefore by function. Binadox SaaS Web Usage Monitoring can be also used to uncover saving opportunities as it discovers unused and redundant applications,for instance applications with similar functions.

To summarize, to work out a well-thought-out budget in the SaaS environment, you need to do the following:

  • To create single inventory of all the SaaS apps used across an organization
  • To monitor real SaaS usage
  • To analyze SaaS usage and spend per employee, and
  • To uncover recurring applications