Important Role of App Inventory


In the digital era, businesses and organizations of all sizes must manage, control, and track inventory at any time and from anywhere. Today, with the increasing growth of Software as a Service (SaaS), app inventory is even more crucial to success and sustainability, as business transactions take place on a global scale and cover multiple locations. Manual inventory, tracking, and counting of all SaaS applications that are used in companies are nearly impossible by today’s industry standards.

That is why organizations are in need of an app inventory solution. App inventory can greatly facilitate SaaS monitoring and management by providing information on which apps are used, underused or unused, who used or didn’t use these apps, and how long.

In this article we listed major reasons why app inventory is important for your company.


IT Compliance and Security

SaaS model is highly beneficial to its consumers. The affordability and flexibility of SaaS applications allow users to quickly find solutions to work-related challenges. However, the absence of proper SaaS usage insights can cost your organization a lot. The absence of software management could potentially harm your company and lead to various information leaks.

Companies should consider a powerful app inventory tool that could easily provide all necessary app usage information, achieve IT compliance by receiving SaaS user data of each employee, and secure sensitive information and prevent any leaks by managing application passwords and logins.


Optimize Costs and Eliminate Overspending

The aggregate costs of SaaS applications are consuming more of software expense budgets and at the same time employees are increasing their reliance on SaaS applications. Since companies don’t care if their employees have found a SaaS application that helps their employees do the job better and faster, most of them are paying for SaaS applications that are not used by anyone.

By using a robust app inventory solution, you can get detailed insights and cost optimization data. Therefore, you can greatly facilitate your cost optimization tasks, eliminate software budget overspending, and discover if a cheaper subscription license is required or what license your company doesn’t need at all.


Uncover Similar Apps and Multiple Subscriptions

Many organizations are using similar SaaS applications that have exact same functions. Moreover, employees might be using multiple subscriptions for the very same SaaS application. App inventory can help find these similar applications and multiple subscriptions. Furthermore, it can help organizations use a single subscription for all users that need it. Thus, app inventory can greatly improve workflows in your organization and save your software budget.


Bindox App Inventory Solution

Binadox provide the most comprehensive app inventory solution that allows you to easily monitor, control, track and manage SaaS applications within you organization. Therefore, you can achieve IT compliance, secure sensitive information, optimize SaaS application costs, and discover unnecessary subscriptions via one powerful dashboard.