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Most Common SaaS Management Challenges and How to Address Them

Stanislaw Lee

Managing IT in the SaaS era can be drastically difficult, especially considering that traditional management methods and tools are no longer effective. For instance, more than 30 percent of software budget is wasted through ineffective or insufficient management, according to a report released by Gartner. Therefore, today, the increasing SaaS adoption across organizations requires new management methods and strategies to ensure security, compliance and optimize costs.

The following outlines the most common SaaS management challenges that companies face and how to address them.


Limited App and Account Visibility

As an organization grows, it become increasingly difficult to achieve visibility into SaaS usage and spend across the company. Today, more companies are driving aggressive growth goals around revenue and client acquisition. Therefore, visibility tends to disappear across companies and the software budget can quickly get out of control. The absence of accurate visibility maximizes compliance risks and may easily lead to cyber attacks and data leaks.

Once an organization enters the growth stage, it’s a good idea to introduce a SaaS management platform. A comprehensive SaaS management platform like Binadox helps your organization remain flexible and productive while providing full visibility into all of your SaaS licenses and their usage.


Lack of Spend and Renewal Control

In the SaaS era, tying subscriptions together with actual payment data can be a difficult task. In many cases, organizations are trying to control SaaS spend by using traditional management tools like Excel spreadsheet. However, processing expenses through the traditional ways can take weeks or even months. Since employees submit software receipts and reports themselves, traditional management methods are also highly vulnerable to errors and frauds.

When the SaaS budget starts to get out of control, an accurate spend reporting is required.  Binadox automates the acquisition of spend and renewal data. Binadox instantly outlines insufficient and abandoned licenses and how much you can save by removing them. Likewise, Binadox provides a renewal calendar to view and manage all SaaS renewals.


Compliance and Security Challenges

Since software visibility fades away, it becomes extremely difficult to monitor and control adoption, utilization, and offboarding of SaaS applications. What’s more, employees today tend to use as many applications as possible to get their job done. On top of that, employees don’t wait for IT approval to use SaaS applications. Thus, IT teams and managers simply can’t ensure security and compliance across the organization.

Instead of trying to completely restrict access to technology and minimize productivity and flexibility, organizations need to automate governance and management of SaaS application. By implementing a robust SaaS management tool, companies can create additional layers of security that make it impossible for employees to make financial mistakes or engage in risky behavior. A SaaS management tool also helps organizations ensure complete compliance and adhere to privacy regulations.


Duplicate or Redundant Licenses

Employees as well as whole departments may purchase a new SaaS license without checking to see if an open or enterprise subscription of this already exists. In other cases, redundant or unused licenses may appear when an employee leaves an organization. Duplicate or redundant licenses add up quickly. Hence, without an application tracking tool, organizations can’t prevent the increasing prevalence of duplicate or redundant subscriptions.

When a company implements a SaaS monitoring tool, it becomes drastically easy to identify duplicate licenses. With just a few clicks on a comprehensive management platform like Binadox, organizations receive complete oversight into SaaS licenses of each employee. Binadox also provides accurate usage reports and shows usage ratio of every application across the enterprise. Therefore, Binadox users can discover their ineffective and redundant apps through one powerful dashboard.

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