NLP in the Service of Software Assets Management and
Software License Compliance

Ekaterina Mizrobova

Binadox is a complex solution employing artificial intelligence components, such as natural language processing, to ease and speed up license review and decision making to maintain license compliance.

The embedded intelligent technologies allow Binadox to:

  • Differentiate license agreements from other types of documents
  • Analyze a license text breaking it into sections and extracting its content, definitions, topics and clauses
  • Summarize license agreements and their sections
  • Find contextually similar license agreements
  • Compare two license agreements to reveal their differences

To facilitate review and analysis of license agreements, Binadox features License Analyzer focusing your attention on the critical provisions and topics; the Similarity tool finding contextually similar licenses at a click; and the Compare tool exposing differences and similarities in two license agreements.

Please watch the demo below, to see how the above mentioned NLP-based functions work in practice.

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