Software Inventory Management – Best Practices


As more companies shift to the cloud and employees are increasingly adopting SaaS applications, the more need there is for a smarter way to monitor and manage SaaS across organizations. Today, employees usually obtaining and using new SaaS apps without checking with IT or finance teams. Obviously, employees don’t concern about monitoring and managing all their subscriptions or removing unused or underused licenses. Traditional Software Asset Management (SAM) couldn’t help organizations with monitoring or managing cloud-based services. However, it doesn’t mean that companies don’t need SAM anymore.

SAM has drastically changed during the last two decades. Because of the exponential growth of SaaS technology, cloud-based software will eventually eradicate desktop-based products. Therefore, SAM evolves into a full-fledged business strategy, encompassing nearly every business unit. In the SaaS era, SAM facilitates subscription management and optimization across companies. Nevertheless, it doesn’t limit the productivity, flexibility, and speed of your employees.

In this article, we talk about how SAM brings a positive SaaS experience to your organization.


Centralized Discovery & Management

Without a doubt, cloud-based services are beneficial for flexibility and productivity in your company. Due to the increasing adoption of SaaS, the capability to manage SaaS applications within organizations becomes increasingly crucial. However, it’s impossible to manage your SaaS apps without full visibility of your SaaS vendors and subscriptions. A comprehensive SAM solution provided by Binadox centralizes the discovery and management of your business apps. With Binadox, you’ll understand which employee is using what application. Through one powerful dashboard, you’ll get a complete view of your subscriptions as well as their expense information.


Spend Management

Along with centralized discovery and management of your SaaS apps, a robust SAM solution also enables companies to optimize SaaS costs.   Binadox helps to regain control over your apps spend and utilization across small companies and enterprises alike. This SAM solution allows you to view the total cost of your subscriptions, the cost of a particular user, and the cost of a specific application. On top of that, Binadox provides the exact usage of each SaaS application and detailed cost optimization insights if an application is underused, unused. Therefore, you prevent overlapping spend, change or remove any unnecessary subscriptions.


True Utilization Data

Most organizations mistakenly believe that SAM is useful for SaaS apps only when it comes to spending management. However, SAM is an irreplaceable solution to monitor and track utilization data of your SaaS applications. Binadox allows your company not only to discover the expense of each application and its cost optimization data but also to receive app usage. Beyond that, Binadox helps to monitor the SaaS activity of every single user, enabling you to determine the true value of your subscriptions.

The exact app utilization data facilitates SaaS management in your organization. This data gives you the upper hand in your contract renewals, improves your budgeting, and provides additional layers of security.


Security & Compliance

One of the most critical problems that companies without SAM are struggling with is the absence of any security, license, or IT compliance. As mentioned before, your employee can easily access and start using a SaaS application. Most users “click-through” any license agreement and usually don’t care about the security of sensitive data.

Binadox gives your company a way to manage SaaS licenses and dramatically reduce your security risks. From a single system, you can detect any risky or unwanted applications and track down any compliance violations in real-time. With just a single click, Binadox also helps to receive a license of any application and highlights important legal clauses. Therefore, by deploying one comprehensive tool you will drastically increase the security of your corporate data and ensure your IT and license compliance.


Binadox – the best asset management software

Binadox has developed the most comprehensive solution to meet all requirements of the SaaS asset management platform. This platform enables the successful SAM deployments your enterprise needs to pass software audits, reduce costs, and maximize the business value of your software investments.

Binadox provides the most detailed insights your company needs to make better SaaS management decisions. It helps not only easily and effectively monitor your SaaS applications and their usage, but also optimize applications for higher productivity, optimize costs, and regain control over your budget.