Single Sign On Integration

SSO and SaaS Management: Match Made in Heaven

Stanislaw Lee

As the use of SaaS applications increases in organizations, there is a threat that productivity and user experience will suffer. Today, employees in companies of all sizes use more than one SaaS product and each of them requires having a password and username. Therefore, two types of problems can develop:

     • Your employees might be using the same password and username everywhere, so this can lead to hacking all of the employee’s accounts if any application gets attacked.

     • Your employees might be using different password and username for each application, so this can lead to increased calls for password resets.

These problems will significantly limit the adoption of SaaS applications within your company. It’s nearly impossible to manage hundreds or thousands of user accounts across hundreds of different applications. For this reason, Binadox leverages industry standards and provides a perfect solution of Single Sign-On and SaaS management to your organization. 


What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to access and log into multiple SaaS applications by using same credentials. SSO takes your initial credentials to a system, encrypts them (tokenization) and then uses that token to access all applications automatically without further need for username and password submission. There are many benefits of using this technology, including:

     • Your employees are prevented from using the same password for multiple services. It reduces the risk of a single site hacker attack enabling access to all resources.

     • Passwords or tokens are not shared with anyone or any third-party providers

     • Less forgotten passwords and less calls for passwords resets

     • Budget and productivity improvements

Perhaps surprisingly, SSO also helps manage your SaaS subscriptions.


Managing SaaS Apps with SSO

Single Sign-On provides detailed user reports on which login has been granted to which systems. SSO ensures that you have instant access to your critical apps, that you know all SaaS subscriptions that are used in your company and which user has access to a specific application.

Binadox has partnered with Okta to provide the best Single Sign-On and SaaS management solution to Binadox and Okta’s users. With just a few clicks, you can receive fine-grained inventory data, such as:

     • All of your SaaS subscriptions

     • Username of each of your employee

     • Access time and frequency of use

     • SaaS usage: discover used, underused or unused apps

Okta Single Sign-On integration on Binadox is one of the best methods for inventorying your SaaS applications and providing detailed and actionable insight into their usage. Here are a few reasons why:


Improve Security

By using Binadox, you will receive notifications every time your employees use an unknown or unsanctioned SaaS application. Therefore, you can quickly and easily achieve IT compliance and drastically improve security in your organization.


Control Spend

Binadox helps discover which users are using which SaaS apps and for how long, enabling harvesting and optimization of subscriptions. Binadox will report what licensed are used, unused, and underused. Thus, it will save and improve your software budget.


Discover, Measure, and Connect

Find out what applications are connected to Okta and for how long. Discover any issues related to SaaS usage and subscriptions. It is even possible to connect traditional on-premise software and it’s also possible to monitor, control and manage these connected applications by using a comprehensive tool provided by Binadox.

In case you would like to learn more about Sign-On and SaaS Management on Binadox platform and how they could help your organization, sign up your Binadox account and start your free trial today!

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