Software Inventory Management in action


Today’s concept of moving data and applications to the Cloud means a lot for organizations. SaaS applications are beneficial in many ways.   When people talk about the cloud, more often they are referring to Software as Service applications like Salesforce, Gsuite, Office 365, and other SaaS apps. Cloud services are beneficial for organizations in many ways. For instance, SaaS brings flexibility and productivity to workflows. However, without SaaS inventory after an acquisition, companies can quickly lose control over their software budget and maximize security or compliance risks.

According to Gartner, nowadays, organizations often encounter challenges in managing SaaS digital workplace applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Hence, inventorying SaaS across companies is increasingly important.

Inventorying SaaS applications also requires a lot of time and attention to detail. The following outlines what you should focus on while handling SaaS inventories in your organization.


Discover SaaS applications

It’s highly important to start inventorying SaaS with the discovery of all applications. Some organizations are trying to find SaaS apps manually by starting surveys. However, such an approach is critically time-consuming and has a high error and fraud rate.

By using a robust SaaS management platform you can instantly discover all applications in your company and their usage. Therefore, you can instantly find applications that your company needs most and don’t need at all.


Compare App Usage and Payment Data

The next crucial step to handle your SaaS inventories is to find application usage information and payment data. By doing so, you can find unused or duplicate SaaS licenses. However, trying to discover and compare the exact SaaS usage with its payment data can be a difficult task. Some applications don’t provide usage data across companies at all. Furthermore, it could be also hard to find payment information. For example, some of your employees can use their personal as well as corporate cards to buy a SaaS subscription.

Binadox provides the most accurate usage data and spends information of all SaaS licenses in your organization. Additionally, this SaaS management platform shows the payment and usage data of an individual user. Binadox will also provide a single view of your SaaS renewals that allows companies to make better renewal decisions and facilitate tying up spend with usage data.


Cut Costs and Redundant Licenses

SaaS applications can cost the company big time. Different teams and departments have dozens of ineffective or redundant licenses. In many other cases, organizations are paying for duplicate licenses and subscriptions for long-gone users. Hence, the next step to inventorying SaaS is to cut costs and remove duplicate, abandoned, and ineffective licenses.

Binadox greatly facilitates the process of discovering such underused or unused applications across organizations. Binadox shows the exact usage of every single license and provides cost optimization data. Therefore, Binadox users can easily eliminate overspending and learn if a cheaper subscription is available.


Take Next Steps to SaaS Inventory

By using a comprehensive SaaS management platform like Binadox you can engage in enterprise-class SaaS inventory solutions. Here are few examples of what you can do with Binadox:

Security: Ensure the security of your sensitive corporate data and instantly find unsanctioned or potentially harmful applications.

Compliance: Discover what software contains sensitive information and review compliance certificates of every single SaaS application.

Automation: Centralize and automate your SaaS management on one comprehensive dashboard. Receive usage and spend reports, optimize costs, ensure security and compliance in your company with just a couple of clicks on Binadox.

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