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Why It’s Important To Govern And Manage Your SaaS Apps

Stanislaw Lee

Managing SaaS products for your company might seem like an easy process that doesn’t require any continuous efforts – at first. In fact, CIOs and IT leaders must constantly evaluate their SaaS tech stack on at least monthly. Medium-size companies and large enterprises might have hundreds of SaaS apps across teams or departments. In these cases, it’s necessary to evaluate their technologies on a weekly or even on a daily basis to ensure there isn’t oversight of spend or utilization.

Thus, cloud services can cause frustration to many organizations. However, why should organizations go through such regular and tedious evaluations of their SaaS technology? Let’s take a quick look at the most significant reasons why your organization need to govern and manage SaaS applications.


SaaS Costs are Difficult to Evaluate

While SaaS costs may seem less expensive and much less cumbersome than on-premise software. However, companies can spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands on SaaS licenses. Tragically, most of these licenses are a waste of a budget. Organizations spend on redundant, duplicate, or unused licenses, since many of them have a hard time to understand and manage SaaS costs.

With the right tool, you can discover all of those licenses and facilitate your software cost evaluation.  A comprehensive SaaS management platform like Binadox helps enterprises identify redundancy and optimize your SaaS costs with just a couple of clicks on a single dashboard.


Specific SaaS Applications Multiply Security Risks

When organizations evaluate SaaS vendor’s security practices, administrators and IT leaders are looking for a standard set of security protocols – how a vendor stores and protects data. Although most organizations are not considering the following: the increasing adoption of SaaS technology maximizes security risks.

For instance, former employees can easily access corporate chats and view sensitive data by using a SaaS communication application like Slack. In other cases, employees are using corporate Box or Dropbox licenses along with their personal accounts. Without accurate visibility and additional security layers provided by a SaaS management platform, these personal accounts can be compromised along with corporate information.


Companies Should Keep Up with Changing SaaS landscape

CIOs and IT teams have an important mission: to keep up with the constantly changing SaaS landscape. Employees today are using as much application as possible to address their work-related challenges. They don’t usually wait for IT approval to subscribe for and use a new SaaS application. Thus, many new subscription-based apps add up across organizations on almost a daily basis.

Without up-to-date usage insights, organizations could be blind-sided or completely unaware of what SaaS applications are being purchased and used. A SaaS management system provides accurate real-time visibility into your SaaS environment. Additionally, this system allows CIOs and managers to proactively manage SaaS subscriptions and ensure IT compliance.


Bring Control over Complexity

Today, SaaS management isn’t as simple as just choosing a set number of licenses, or assuming the risks are covered in SaaS vendor security procedures. As SaaS complexity grows, the number of security gaps and opportunities for exponential costs increase.

Organizations that want to extend and facilitate SaaS governance and management should consider using a comprehensive platform like Binadox. This SaaS management platform can tell you which employee is using what application.  Binadox helps identify unsanctioned and potentially harmful applications. It also allows to find unnecessary spend and optimize cost.

Interested in unlocking the power of this SaaS management platform at your organization? Start with signing up your free account to download Binadox.