Why Procurement Leaders Choose SaaS?


In the past days, many procurement teams were unsure about their increasing adoption of cloud services. For instance, SaaS applications are beneficial for employees and for organizations in many ways, but they also caused problems and challenges for procurement.

However, today, procurement leaders are shifting their focus to cloud services and their advantages. By using a cloud procurement tool, these teams can now detect and monitor any SaaS applications and get their exact usage. Therefore, procurement teams can now discover, organize and control SaaS sprawl across organizations.

There are countless reasons why procurement leaders choose SaaS. In this article, we will consider the most significant of them.


Add Value, Not Just Reduce Costs

One of the most common reasons why organizations are selecting cloud services because of their relatively low cost. However, successful procurement leaders keep their companies away from mere cost-reducing decisions and find smarter ways to strategically add value across every department. To do this in the quickest and best way possible, they should deploy a robust SaaS management platform like Binadox.

Binadox provides all data that you need to add value across the enterprise, not just reduce costs, for instance:

  • Actual app usage and how many people are using this app;
  • Redundant app info, what applications in your company are underused or unused;
  • Cost optimization data, how much savings may be achieved by changing a license;
  • Duplicate licenses and multi-tenancy information. Remove any duplicate subscriptions and make sure that several employees will use the same subscription where it’s required;
  • License and contract renewal information. Therefore, procurement leaders will be ready for contract negotiations and will have upper hands with the actual usage data.

By using a comprehensive SaaS management platform, IT leaders and procurement teams gain a complete view of employees’ software. Beyond that, instead of jumping from system to system or using endless spreadsheets, procurement staff gets this view in one place.

Discovery and visibility of SaaS applications and vendors, combined with exact usage information and cost optimization data give procurement and IT leaders a way to understand what employees actually use, what they don’t need, and where procurement can make a difference.


Software Scalability

Another significant advantage of cloud services is the scalability of the software. In the past, on-premise technology required significant time from procurement or IT departments to manually reconfigure software for a new employee. In the SaaS era, when a department or manager needs to add more accounts or subscriptions, they can do it without bothering IT or procurement teams. Thus, procurement leaders are able to spend their time on larger, more strategic initiatives

Beyond that, the cost of this scaling is much less and it can be easily controlled by deploying a SaaS management platform. This platform prevents shadow IT sprawl in your organization and removes any disadvantages of SaaS apps.


More Effective and Efficient Procurement

With SaaS, procurement staff is no longer spending weeks or even months to deploy one application. Procurement leaders can now focus their work on vendor negotiations and software optimization across the enterprise. By engaging in SaaS management tools, companies can make procurement more effective and efficient. This tool allows receiving all software information required by procurement teams via one powerful dashboard.

Instead of wasting time and effort on working with spreadsheets and compiling reports, procurement and IT leaders can now access all necessary data with a couple of clicks. A comprehensive SaaS management platform provided by Binadox eliminates any errors, improves security, optimizes costs, and prevents any fraud attempts.

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