Why Your Organization Needs a Cloud System of Records


Business leaders and IT specialists throughout the last decade have used spreadsheet reports to keep their data organized. These spreadsheet reports may be helpful for single-lane disciplines like human resources or sales. However, many organizations can not systemize cloud software, since these applications can be accessed anytime by any employee.

In the past, IT leaders purchased and configured new software technology, while employees couldn’t make their own purchasing decisions. In the cloud era, many employees, regardless of their technical knowledge or skills, can deploy and utilize a cloud application. Cloud apps dramatically boost employees’ productivity and they’re helpful for organizations in many ways. However, cloud technology also presents a completely new set of challenges when it comes to budgeting, security, compliance, and common IT operations like onboarding and offboarding.

Important Role of a Cloud System of Records

Cloud applications require a shared, collaborative approach among teams and departments, which often have completely different priorities. For instance, finance departments want to keep budgeting in check, while security teams and IT specialists care about whether employees are using the right apps and whether the company’s data is at risk.

A centralized system of record is the best way to meet each of these needs and priorities. Your employees may have a distinctive level of permission to access certain cloud apps, but all data from the entire company’s stack should be stored in a single place.

Without a cloud system of records, your organization might be less strategic and more vulnerable. For instance, when an employee leaves a company and isn’t properly offboarded from a cloud application, the organization could risk sensitive data loss and reputational damage.

So how can organizations develop or optimize their cloud system of records? Luckily, Binadox Cloud Management Platform provides an advanced cloud system of records solution that helps organizations to recognize important cloud usage patterns and enables cross-functional collaboration.


Optimizing Your Cloud System of Records with Binadox

Rather than manually maintaining a spreadsheet of your cloud subscriptions, organizations need to automate app usage and finance reporting by using a comprehensive cloud management platform like Binadox.

Binadox enables companies to get accurate usage insights, spend analysis, and individual user data in real-time. Therefore, your organization can greatly facilitate onboarding, offboarding, and other IT management operations. Binadox Cloud System of Records solution also provides detailed reports that show which employee is using what application, how much each of your subscriptions actually costs, and which applications are unused or underused. What’s more, Binadox ensures the security of your sensitive data and IT compliance by notifying you about hidden or unsanctioned applications and licenses.

Through a single dashboard on Binadox, organizations can also manage renewals, ensure license and regulation compliance, optimize expenses, and much more. Ditch outdated spreadsheets and get the most accurate visibility and management tools you need to take control of your cloud subscriptions!

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