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External API Integration

Binadox Cloud Management Platform provides external API integration, so that the Binadox services can be accessed directly from another application. The following demonstrates how to generate a new external API key, shows how to access API request descriptions and explains the graphical user interface in the External API section.

1. Proceed to the Administration→External API Integration section.

2. Generate a new API key by clicking on a green add button.

3. Enter a name for your new external API integration and click Save

4. Therefore, you will successfully create a new API key and the External API Integration section will provide the following data:

  • Name – Shows your selected key name. Click Filter to display specific API keys.

  • Key – Provides API key value. Copy this value by clicking the “copy” button.

  • Creation Date – Contains the creation date of your API key.

  • Last Access Date – Shows the last access date of your API key.

You can also use the search interface in this section to find a specific API key.


5. Get API request descriptions and other external API information via the following link: https://app.binadox.com/external-api/swagger-ui.html#.


Please note that your API token value should include “ApiToken” in the beginning. You can also test out external API requests by using Postman:


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