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Freshdesk Configuration

By integrating Freshdesk to Binadox, you’ll be able to access spend and utilization data of every single Freshdesk user in your organization. The following steps show how to connect the Freshdesk web application to the Binadox platform.

1. Sign into your Freshdesk account, click on your profile picture on the top right and select Profile Settings.

2. In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key. Copy your API Key value.

3. Proceed to the Freshdesk connection screen on Binadox and click New Connection.

4. Select a unique label name and fill out Connection Properties:

• Freshdesk Api Key – paste your copied API Key value.

• Freshdesk Domain – specify your Freshdesk domain name (e.g.


5. Click Connect and fill out the Billing Information form:

• First Bill Date – enter Freshdesk first bill date.

• Payment Plan – select your payment plan.

• Billing Period – specify Freshdesk billing period.


6. Finish the integration by clicking Connect. Thus, you will successfully connect Freshdesk to the Binadox platform and you will be able to get utilization, spend, and user data of this application.



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