G Suite Configuration | Binadox - SaaS management

G Suite Configuration

Binadox helps receive G Suite user data and usage information of this application when G Suite will be connected to Binadox. The following steps show how to successfully connect the G Suite application.

1. Click the Get secret code button on the G Suite connection screen:

2. This button will redirect you to a new window where you will be asked to log into your G Suite account. Make sure that you have right permissions and allow access to the application by clicking Allow.

3. You will receive a secret code. Copy this code and return to Binadox G Suite connection screen.

4. Paste your secret code to the Secret code field on Binadox G Suite connection screen and then click Connect.

5. After the status of the G Suite application will be switched to Connected, click Next.

6. Fill the following fields of the G Suite application:

Domain – Enter your G Suite domain name in this field.
Choose your first billing date in the First bill time field. The Binadox service will provide cost-saving information after this time period.
Billing period – Select either Monthly or Annual type of payment.
Payment plan – Choose your billing plan type in this field.

7. After filling these fields, click the Save button. Therefore, you will connect the G Suite application to your Binadox account and you will be able to view user data and usage information of this application.