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GoToMeeting Configuration

By connecting GoToMeeting to Binadox, you can view GoToMeeting user data and usage information of this application. The following steps show how to successfully connect the GoToMeeting application to the Binadox service.

1. Sign into GoTo Developer Center website.

2. Proceed to the My Apps section on GoTo Developer Center website and click Add a new App.

3. Fill out the following form in the Add App section:

• App Name – Type Binadox in this field.
• Description – Type SaaS management, discovery and cost optimization.
• Product API – Select the GoToMeeting product API.
• Application URL – Type the following URL in this field:

Click Create App after filling these fields.


4. Click on the Binadox application in the My Apps section.

5. Copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the Keys tab.

6. Proceed to the GoToMeeting connection screen on Binadox and click New Connection.

7. Fill the following fields under Application information:

•Application ID – Paste your Consumer Key.

• Application Secret – Paste your Consumer Secret.


8. Click Connect and you will be redirected to the access request screen. Grant access to the application by clicking Allow.

9. Fill out the Billing Information form:

• Domain – Enter your domain name in this field.
Choose your first billing date in the First bill time field. The Binadox service will provide cost saving information after this time period.
Billing period – Select either Monthly or Annual type of payment.
Payment plan – Choose your billing plan type in this field.


10. Click Connect to finish the integration. Therefore, you will connect GoToMeeting to your Binadox account and you will be able to view user data and usage information of this application.




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