New in Binadox, January 2019 | Binadox - SaaS management

New in Binadox, January 2019

Newsletter: what’s new in Binadox SaaS management?

Happy New Year and best wishes from Binadox team. We would like to share with you the new features and capabilities in Binadox that you might find useful alongside already existing solutions.

Please check below few highlighted items in addition to the ever growing list of direct (Office365, Salesforce, Google G suite, Adobe etc.) and single sign-on (SSO) integrations, where Binadox give you the complete insight into  your SaaS subscriptions users, licenses, usage (utilization), costs and savings in a single place.


Active Directory support (LDAP/LDAPS)

Get full information about the users in organizations using Active Directory integration with Binadox. Assigned SaaS licenses and their users are matched against the actual usage of a specific application. Active Directory support includes the LDAP client-service model and LDAPS – secured LDAP  over the SSL encryption.


Fetching billing periods from Office 365

Yes, now you can discover instantly when a user has a monthly or annual Office 365 subscription. This provides more granular visibility and control over Office 365 renewals.


Enhanced Renewal Capabilities

Binadox users can see renewals data of each application. Through this new section, administrators can now view the things like:

• Subscription date of each app

• Days until the next renewal

• Number of licenses

• Application utilization

• Annual costs of each application

• Billing period – monthly or annual

• Payment plan (license type) of each subscription

Furthermore, a single view of all your renewals is available as a calendar.


Even More Discovery

Binadox users can now discover which SaaS applications were registered to using Google G suite and Office 365 sign in details. This feature improves Shadow IT discovery and helps identify usage of applications that pose security, compliance or financial risks to the organization.


Binadox is more secure with DB encryption enhancements

Further improvements are made to increase security. Binadox is using Amazon Secrets Manager to encrypt and secure databases.

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