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Binadox IaaS Usage and Cost Optimization

  • Determine usage of services in your enterprise cloud infrastructure
  • Streamline expenses. Immediately respond to overspend
  • Support for leading global AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud providers

Cloud Spend Optimization

Get a unified view of all cloud computing services installed in your infrastructure. Binadox calculates how much you spend on cloud environments in total as well as on each and every running cloud service. Switch between integrated infrastructures or see an entire cloud picture at your organization.

Discover charges of every single server, virtual machine, operating system, etc. estimated for a required time period. Data is collected in the form of metrics, line graphs and pie charts that illustrate daily, monthly, quarterly payments and underline services you are spending on the most.

Binadox compares currently incurred costs with previous figures and displays them on a graph. Based on generated statistics, you may forecast how much you are likely to spend next time and increase or decrease your compute capacity to prevent unnecessary expenses and ensure cloud spend optimization.


Drill Down into Cloud Services

Go in-depth into an analysis of any service element installed in your IaaS infrastructure. Drill down to deeper levels and visualize details of Compute, Storage, Network and additional infrastructure components that influence the total cost.

Visualize all instances, database table names, resource names, sizes and types, owner identifiers, capacity, cost and other information of certain service elements. Perform granular monitoring on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Analyze this data as part of your cloud spend optimization: assess resource consumption and allocate costs accordingly, change instance types and choose the ones that better suit your computing needs, identify inactivity and prevent overspending on unnecessary services.



Bill Shock Prevention

Scale up and down your computing infrastructures with no risk to exceed the limit on expenses. Ensure cost predictability by setting up the budget to stay at or below the defined limit.

Binadox Bill Shock Prevention functionality controls your cloud expenses and automatically sends notifications each time you go over the indicated threshold. Track deviations from your budgeted amounts on a graph. Review data by analyzing previous and current payments over time.



Automated Cloud Spend Optimization Tips

Reveal IaaS expenses that require your attention. An advanced recommendation system suggests how to maximize savings and improve cloud computing efficiency.

Binadox automatically calculates average and maximum utilization rates of each service element in your cloud infrastructure, identifies and analyzes costs and suggests taking measures in relation to services with high cost and low consumption.


Multi-Cloud Monitoring for AWS and Azure

Binadox offers solution to optimize spending in a multi-cloud AWS and Azure environment. Usage and expenditures are monitored for AWS and Microsoft Azure resources and optimization recommendations are given for each public cloud provider.

Better yet, in the upcoming months, Binadox users will be able to leverage cross-cloud optimization. This will make management of multiple clouds more flexible and adaptive to maximize savings. The system will advise to move services or service elements between cloud environments in favor of the most optimal and cheapest option.


Amazon Web Services

Track AWS cloud spend and usage, generate statistic data from all services running in the AWS cloud, such as Amazon EC2, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Key Management Service, Amazon Glacier, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudWatch and more.

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Microsoft Azure

Find a better balance between resources across your Microsoft Azure environment and their cost. Manage spending and utilization of all infrastructure components, like Azure databases, Azure Kubernetes Service, Load Balancer, Azure StorSimple, Azure Search, Azure API Management, etc.

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