Binadox cloud management platform provides a seamless integration with Accelo project management and CRM software solution. Binadox helps organizations automatically discover Accelo usage, as well as all other cloud products, enabling them to facilitate management operations, improve security, and optimize expenses.

Accelo offers a Service Operations Automation (ServOps) platform and streamlines operations from prospect through to payment. This platform combines the key needs of your sales, project management, retainers, service tickets, and collaboration in one platform for small to medium sized service businesses. Accelo makes it easy to assign work, track progress, see budgets and profitability in real time. Thousands of businesses use Accelo to run their critical client service delivery, boosting revenue and productivity and doubling profit margins.

In the matter of just a few clicks, Binadox provides organizations with accurate Accelo utilization and spend data in real time. Binadox + Accelo integration also helps companies enhance security, quickly resolve technical issues and prevent sensitive data loss. Binadox analytics enables Accelo users to discover redundant and unsanctioned applications.  On top of that, this collaboration also allows Accelo users to receive potential savings and cost optimization data.


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