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Software license agreements analysis is one of the core functions of Binadox as a software license compliance solution. Software license agreements can be uploaded to the system in a variety of ways: through the end point monitor or extension which capture the accepted terms of services or end user license agreement terms; from a licenses repository where the corresponding license agreement is stored against a software name and vendor; by a direct file upload to the Binadox system; or through a cloud storage, i.e. Dropbox.

Binadox provides seamless cloud-to-cloud integration with Dropbox, the user can import license agreements stored under any Dropbox account. Binadox analyzes those license agreements to highlight critical software license topics or gain insights about legal clauses in terms of what the licensee and licensor can, cannot or must do.

The integration also works the other way around. Any license agreement from the Binadox system can be downloaded in various formats, shared via email or saved to a user’s Dropbox account.

Please watch the demo below, to see how Binadox and Dropbox integration works in practice.

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