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Binadox for Office 365

Do you use Office 365 to the full?
Still draining your SaaS investments into the Office 365 features nobody uses?

Don’t know the answer? In the age of the cloud software costs get increasingly high – It’s time to get them under control with the Binadox Office 365 Monitoring Solution!

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Key benefits

Granular visibility of Office 365 usage

Binadox provides detailed usage visibility of all Office 365 tools and services, which is of particular criticality for an application with two simultaneous deployment models – on-premise and cloud-based. Binadox not only automatically detects a new application and matches it to the corresponding license, host and user, but also tracks how often and intensely it is utilized.

Transparency of Office 365 spend

Office 365 is extremely popular around the world and purchased by enterprizes in high volumes, which makes Office 365 expenditures one of the major corporate IT budget items. Full cost transparency enables effective cost control and generates opportunities for substantial savings in Office 365 costs.

Software and subscription optimisation

There is a wide range of options for Office 365 with different costs. More than often employees do not use some tools or services, that were provided to them with their Office 365 package. Applications also often stay abandoned upon employees’ retirement or promotion, wasting software budget. With the insights Binadox provides on the Office 365 account usage, excessive entitlements can be revoked or reassigned and software and subscriptions optimized. Binadox allows you to determine your real needs.

Integrated view of under and unused applications

Binadox makes it easy for you to analyze data on under- and unused applications and manage excessive licenses by integrating all the collected information in one intuitive interface, saving you time and allowing you to further reduce software spend.

Automated license and use rights comparison

Office 365 licenses and use rights can changed with new versions and editions and Binadox eases comparison of new and old document versions by highlighting their differences.

Empowering your SAM system

Office 365 is the most widely used application in the world, which makes any SAM system handicapped without the ability to manage Office 365 usage and spend. Binadox Office 365 Monitoring provides you full visibility into Office 365 usage and spend on the granular level and generates opportunities for constant improvement.