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Binadox SaaS Management platform provides integration with the DocuSign eSignature management service. With this seamless integration enterprises can now easily manage DocuSign usage and secure sensitive data.

DocuSign is a cloud-based digital transaction technology that allows for the exchange of contract, licenses, documents, and legal materials. DocuSign makes your contracts and legal documents management faster, easier and more secure by eliminating the need to physically send or store the documents. With DocuSign, it’s all done online. Beyond that, DocuSign provides authentication services, user identity management and workflow automation.

DocuSign integration allows Binadox users to receive accurate and up-to-date usage and spend reports of every DocuSign user. Additionally, Binadox + DocuSign integration can provide cost optimization data and can show exactly how much you can save if you need a different DocuSign license. Furthermore, DocuSign and Binadox users can prevent shadow IT sprawl and ensure license compliance via a few clicks.



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