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Binadox SaaS management platform introduces the integration with the GitHub service. New features that improve flexibility, productivity and security are now available for Binadox and GitHub users.

GitHub is a web-based version-control and collaboration platform for software developers. GitHub is delivered through SaaS business model and used to store source codes for projects and track change history of a specific code. It allows developers to collaborate on a project more effectively by providing a web interface to the Git code repository and tools for managing possibly conflicting changes. This app can be thought of as a serious social networking site for software developers. GitHub users can follow each other, rate each other’s work, receive updates for projects and communicate publicly or privately.

The seamless and simple GitHub integration on Binadox allows organizations to discover usage, spend, and individual user data of this application. Next, you can connect GitHub to Binadox and receive all necessary analytics and data required for strategic purchases and renewals. On top of that, with just a couple of clicks on one powerful dashboard, GitHub users can also ensure license compliance, optimize costs, get the most accurate application visibility, and improve security across enterprises.


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