Google G Suite


Binadox SaaS management platform provides simple and seamless integration with Google G Suite. Binadox and G Suite users can now get full visibility into G Suite applications, automate manual management process and keep sensitive corporate data safe.

Google G Suite is one of the most popular SaaS-based infrastructure services. In one suite of tools, it offers solutions for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation decks, shared calendars, cloud storage, and much more. G Suite can help you manage your business more effectively, enhance your workflow and improve the communication between your employees.

The integration with Binadox provides centralized control over each G Suite application. Therefore, this is beneficial for businesses in many ways. For instance, here are few major advantages of pairing G Suite and Binadox:

• Get full visibility into your G Suite applications and their users

• Track and control usage of G Suite apps and their adaption

• Actively control and enhance your G Suite Single Sign-On experience

• Optimize costs and application usage

• Secure apps on your domain

• Prevent Shadow IT sprawl in your G Suite environment


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