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Binadox provides the collaboration with Samanage IT asset management provider.  With this seamless, simple and fast integration Binadox and Samanage users can now improve productivity and flexibility across their enterprises.

Samanage provides IT asset and service management solutions that help organizations better control their IT inventory, organize licenses and contracts. It also allows detect risks and license compliance gaps within organizations. Samanage empowers companies of all sizes with IT management capabilities that were previously available only to large organizations, making it easy to automate and simplify the daily tasks associated with establishing IT governance, compliance, and control.

Pairing Binadox with Samanage allows organizations to discover and control usage of every single license across the enterprise. Binadox and Samanage integration provides visibility into SaaS applications, spend, and user data.

Samanage integration on Binadox is easy to setup and always up-to-date. Beyond visibility, this integration enables companies to ensure IT and license compliance, manage renewals, and optimize costs.


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