Binadox SaaS management platform provides seamless, fast and simple integration with Smartsheet web-based collaboration tool. Together, Smartsheet and Binadox boost productivity and flexibility in your organization by providing full visibility into Smartsheet subscriptions, expense information and utilization data.

Smartsheet is an online project management and collaboration Software as a Service application that offers a powerful tool for organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work, enabling your company to move from idea to impact – fast.

Binadox allows organizations to instantly receive Smartsheet usage data, expenses information, and analytics, enabling them to understand how exactly this application is being used by the employees.

This comprehensive integration also uncovers unused licenses and provides cost optimization data that shows exactly how much you can save if you need a different Smartsheet license.

On top of that, Smartsheet users can create additional layers of security, stop the prevalence of shadow IT, and ensure regulation compliance via one powerful Binadox dashboard.


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