Zuora offers cloud-based software solution that enables any company to in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. If organizations already provide online subscription services, Zuora can help them operate efficently, according to the vendor. Zuora’s products are designed to automate recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recogniton, and subscription metrics. Companies can also use the Zuora’s business analytics software to analyze data about their subscribers. The analytics follows a subscriber’s use of a product and provides ideas for improving service or resolving a problem.

Binadox Cloud Management Platform includes a fast, simple, and seamless integration with Zuora. The Zuora integration on Binadox provides complete visibility into all clous subscription and its usage across the organization. Furthermore, Binadox enables Zuora users to discover every single license renewal from one interface and make better renewal decisions.

This integration also allows organizations to identify what exactly they’re spending on each cloud subscription and redeploy underutilized licenses in real time. On top of that, Binadox offers a compregensive set of soltuion aimed to eliminate overspend, ensure license compliance, secure your sensitive data, and facilitate IT management operations.



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