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Okta Single Sign-On Configuration

Binadox allows your employees to log into applications with a single ID and password via Okta Single Sign-On solution. You will also receive user data and usage information of all applications connected to Okta. The following steps show how to successfully configure Okta Single Sign-On.

1. Log into okta.com as administrator of your organization and proceed to Security→API.

2. Click the Create Token button, enter any name for your token and copy your Token Value.

3. Proceed to the Okta connection screen on Binadox website and fill the following fields:

Domain – Enter your domain name in this field.
Choose your first billing date in the First bill time field. The Binadox service will provide cost-saving information after this time period.
Billing period – Select either Monthly or Annual type of payment.
Payment plan – Choose your billing plan type in this field.
Token URI – Enter your Okta’s token URI in this field.
Authorization Code – Paste your Token Value from the previous step.

4. After filling these fields, click the Connect button and you may now close this window. Therefore, you will successfully configure Okta Single Sign-on and your employees will be able to log in using a single ID and password, you will be able to view user data and usage information of Okta’s connected applications.




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