Binadox Flexera Partnership

Unique offering allows customers to gain software license compliance insights and integrated SaaS Web usage monitoring

Binadox, Inc is now one of Flexera’s Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) providing solutions through Flexera’s Enterprise Platform.

On August 17, Flexera announced its new Software Asset Management (SAM) vision. The change “will ensure customers get the software and hardware asset data they need, when and where they need it, to make better business decisions. And it will change how companies think about the value SAM delivers across the organization.” said Tom Canning, Vice President of Strategy at Flexera. Binadox will be part of this change.

Flexera is launching a new collaborative program intended to “reduce the risk, waste and unpredictability of buying and managing software.” Flexera also announced that it’s the first SAM provider to open its APIs for fast and easy integration with complementary partner solutions, including Binadox.

Binadox is integrating its Software License Repository directly with Flexera’s SAM data repository, allowing Flexera’s customers to reduce the time and effort they spend on managing software. FlexNet Manager Suite users now can review licenses of the software installed on their hosts. Users can view license agreements and gain license compliance insights – with Binadox’s integrated NLP algorithms. In addition, Binadox and Flexera are partnering to deliver an integrated SaaS Web Usage Monitoring solution. The integration allows Flexera’s customers to be aware of SaaS applications used by their employees and provide them with complete software assets visibility.

More information on the Flexera partnership program can be found here.


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