Binadox IBM Partnership

Many Binadox users have expressed a keen interest in collaboration of IBM cloud services with Binadox SaaS management platform. Binadox is excited to announce a partnership with IBM to build cognitive and robust SaaS management solution for all of Binadox and IBM users.

Binadox delivers to organizations the ability to understand, collect, validate, protect, monitor and enrich their IBM usage data.

Binadox integrate IBM cloud services to enable companies to be aware of SaaS applications used by their employees and provide them with cost optimization data and with the complete Software Assets Visibility.

This integration also allows users to reduce time and effort that they are spending on software management. Binadox analyzes IBM licenses, grants access to view them, and highlights decisive software license topics.

In case you are interested in proposing other collaboration with Binadox SaaS management platform, feel free to contact us and discuss your integration needs or learn what it can do for you.

Binadox partnership with IBM

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