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Binadox License Dashboard Partnership

Binadox License Dashboard partnership

Software management whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise is exceptionally complex. Organizations are struggling to control the costs and stay productive while trying to maintain compliance with licensing terms. Companies could be out of compliance for one type of applications and over-subscribed for other. Binadox SaaS Management platform announces a partnership with License Dashboard to solve this problem.

License Dashboard provides a combination of software assets management (SAM) and licensing expertise with solutions designed to help companies manage their IT expenditure, minimize costs, optimize utilization and streamline the entire asset lifecycle. But achieving high-level license optimization and complete software compliance on-premise and in the cloud requires a more complex solution. That’s why companies should consider combining the power of License Dashboard with SaaS discovery and management technology of Binadox.

By integrating License Dashboard to Binadox, organizations can engage in the most extensive monitoring and management of both on-premise and SaaS software. With Binadox and License Dashboard you will be able to:

  • – Discover and manage entire software state whether it’s on-premise or in cloud
  • – Receive exact usage insights of any employee and any application across your company
  • – Optimize license consumption to reduce software spend
  • – Manage multiple data sources whilst maintaining accuracy
  • – Efficiently and effectively manage software contracts and their renewals
  • – Get data that allows Vendor and Application Consolidation
  • – Prevent over-spending and over-provisioning of unused licenses
  • – Optimize your Effective License Position (ELP) in minutes

The combination of benefits of License Dashboard and Binadox addresses and enhances every single aspect of SAM, SaaS management and license optimization. Therefore, this integration increasingly boosts productivity and flexibility of workflows in your company.



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