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Automated SaaS Management Done Right!

Binadox is the unified SaaS management platform for business leaders as well as IT, procurement, and finance professionals. Binadox empowers users to spot shadow IT, manage renewals, optimize costs and improve security. Here’s how Binadox can support your business:


Direct SaaS API Integrations

Binadox provides a comprehensive list of direct integrations to all SaaS subscriptions across the enterprise. Through a single powerful dashboard you can get a full visibility to manage your Cloud environment.
Our list of integrations continues to grow daily:



Identify Cloud vendors and services in use even if they are not managed by IT or security teams. Binadox Proxy helps prevent any attempt to violate your company’s policies whether an employee uses unsanctioned or unrecognized applications.


Agent / Browser extensions

Binadox Agent provides web scraping to detect suspicious and potentially harmful applications. Through the Binadox browser extension administrators receive usage details of the entire organization as well as individual user.

Browser Extension
Deploy the Binadox browser extension for the most comprehensive SaaS management.
Firefox, Chrome, Edge


SSO (G Suite, Okta)

Connect your identity management service for one-click access to the Binadox platform. Find out which application are used through G Suite or Okta and how long. Enhance your visibility and security by combining Binadox with a Single Sign On system.


License Analyzer

An automated tool provided by Binadox allows you to ensure compliance of all your cloud licenses. Binadox detects, reports and highlights important legal clauses and regulation issues throughout a license.



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