Cloud Vendor Management

Cloud-based Vendor Management refers to the process of developing, managing and controlling relationships and agreement with multiple third-party vendors of cloud-based applications. Cloud Vendor Management is used to control costs, measure cloud-based application usage, optimize service excellence, etc.

Organizations today are using multiple cloud vendors and contractors to expand and improve company workflow. However, managing relationships and agreements with multiple cloud vendors can get complex in no time. In some cases, organizations pay for cloud-based applications that are not used by their employees.

Another challenge that organization meet is the requirements for the management of third-party compliance. Organizations must be sure that the products and services provided by cloud vendors are safe and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

Discover the most flexible solution with Binadox Cloud Vendor Management. Binadox is a SaaS application management and automation platform that enables enterprises and teams to work better.

Binadox helps companies to understand what cloud-based vendors work best in organizations. Binadox Cloud Management solution gives you the ability to centralize cloud vendor management process – all used suppliers, licenses and contracts in one place.

Binadox Cloud Vendor Management solution identifies SaaS application usage data, application expenses, and it could even provide application data of every single user that works in your organization

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