SaaS Subscription Management Software

The Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription business model is a business model where a consumer pays a subscription price to have access to SaaS applications, products or services.

SaaS subscription management software provides tools to automate the manual processes in SaaS subscription business with recurring billing, subscription pricing, and payment. This type of software manages the entire customer lifecycle, from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions. SaaS subscription management software ensures that the right amount of money is being charged to the right customer the accurate number of times a year.

Software as a Service subscription management software provides functionalities to support sales and billing SaaS applications, products, or services on a recurring basis. This type of software supports various recurring business models such as annual or monthly usage, one-time usage or metered usage.

Provided functionalities of SaaS Subscription management software also include real-time metering and rating, multi-tier pricing, multiple revenue streams per customer, service and product bundling, and usage caps.

Binadox SaaS Subscription Management solution helps companies to take control of their subscription payments. This solution also provides analytics and expertise for optimization of existing subscriptions; Binadox SaaS Subscription Management solution identifies SaaS applications that are underused or abandoned in the organization and suggest if different SaaS subscription license is required.


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