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SaaS Usage Management

Your company might be spending more than it should on its Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Unused or underused SaaS subscription licenses could make your SaaS usage experience costly and ineffective.

Organizations today are moving toward a “cloud-first” when evaluating new applications. According to Gartner Forecast Analysis, this “cloud first” is the strategy for applications and workloads for most companies.

However, without the right usage data to show the true cost and value of SaaS applications, enterprises are losing budget for unused or inefficient licenses and contract negotiations.

Understanding SaaS application usage will maximize the value of your current subscriptions so that several employees could use one license, and provide cost optimization data so that companies could see what SaaS applications are unused or require a different subscription.

Engaging in your SaaS application usage management requires a shift from blind budget-wasting purchasing to data-driven, consumption-based purchasing.

You can monitor, manage, and optimize your SaaS subscriptions with an analytics tool such as Binadox SaaS management platform.

Binadox enables companies to view SaaS usage by service and a single employee. Binadox allows viewing usage by license type of a SaaS application. Binadox SaaS management measures cost per license and provide cost optimization data.


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