SaaS User Management

Since more enterprises are starting to adopt Software as Service (SaaS) applications, SaaS user management is one of the most fundamental concepts that must be tackled by every successful company. Some teams prefer to build out their own user management services that could be an almost impossible task to fulfill.

Organizations today take seriously that the right people have access to the appropriate IT resources, but the most serious challenge with SaaS user management that it requires a lot of experience and hard work to build a secure authentication system for SaaS applications. It is also necessary to be aware of recent upgrades to the standards and be up to date all the time. Furthermore, SaaS applications are multi-tenant, meaning that an application serves multiple consumers, and that brings additional complexity when it comes to SaaS user management. Now, with Binadox you have another option to achieve your user management goals.

Binadox presents a compelling solution, removing the necessity to build authorization and management systems. Binadox SaaS-based user management solution is the next generation approach to binding users to the IT resources they need. A cloud identity provider is an easier path when connecting cloud infrastructure and applications to users. Binadox user management solution also identifies usage of SaaS applications, provides application reporting of a single user, features single-sign-on for multi-tenancy support, etc. If you would like to learn more about Binadox SaaS User Management solution and how it can support your IT infrastructure, please let us know.

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